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Are you ready to become a Transformational Online Fitness Coach?  



Take your fitness coaching career online, and amplify your impact 10x over.


Are you feeling stuck in your fitness coaching career?

  • Are you spending your days unstimulated and uninspired? 
  • Is the overwhelming amount of information in the industry killing your confidence to lead and transform your future clients? 
  • Do you want to break your shackles off and venture towards entreprenuership and independence? 
  • Do you want to change lives for the better and help others reach their fitness goals but aren't sure how to best serve your clients?
  • Are you tired of working in a corporate job or gym and wish you could write your own damn paychecks?!

From the science of lifting and nutrition, to client management, and how to build your business online - get access to the latest insights, AND tools to take your career to the next level! In FOCA, you'll...

Bridge the gap between science-based knowledge and real world coaching application.

Go from being nervous to being 100% confident in your coahing abilities.

Become educated and certified to coach your own clients.

Build a career in growing Industry and become your own boss.

Turn your passion into a full time career and earn arn a living while making a REAL impact on others.

All with the support from us in our Official FOCA Students Facebook group

1 payment of $997 or 3 payments of $397

In 2018, Health and Fitness Coaches are making waves, and changing the world. Your dream career as an Online Fitness Coach is just 5 steps away..... 

About Fitness Online Coaching Academy:

We are here to help cultivate knowledgeable, effective, and life-changing transformational coaches who want to make a lasting change in their clients lives.  

We want our student coaches to feel deeply fulfilled in their work, and be able to make a living doing what they love.

You know how the cycle of success goes -- invest in yourself, so you can invest in your clients, so they can invest in your business.  

There's a whole world out there that needs YOU. 


  • Micronutrients and Macronutrients 
  • Gut Health 
  • Metabolism and Hormones 
  • Caloric Deficits and Caloric Surpluses 
  • Reverse Dieting & Ca&b Cycling 
  • All Things Fasted (Training, Cardio, Intermittent)
  • Warming up, stretching, and mobility 
  •  Hypertrophy Methodologies 
  •  Strength Methodologies  
  • Program Design  
  • Fundamental Movement patterns  
  • Exercise Programming  
  • Cardio
  • Client On-Boarding Practices 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Individual Training Programming 
  • Individual Nutrition Programming 
  • Client Check In Practices 
  • Coach and Client Relationship Psychology 
  • Everthing you need to know about starting your business.
  • Find Your Future Clients
  • Optimize & Navigate Social Media 
  • Pitch Without Being Salesly
  • Pricing Your Services 
  • Giving Your Clients What They Need 
  • Legalities When Starting a Business

Course 1 and 2 will teach you the facts. Course 3 and 4 will teach you the application.


First, we focus on elevating your knowledge with the latest in evidence based information. We've thoughtfully created these modules with your schedule and learning styles in mind.  

No matter who you are, or how you learn - you can soak up everything you need to become the best version of yourself as an Online Fitness Coach.  

Remember, with taking your business online, there are NO limitations to the lives you can change. 


  • Micronutrients and Macronutrients  
  • Metabolism and Hormones  
  • Caloric Deficits and Caloric Surpluses  
  • Hypertrophy/Strength Methodologies  
  • Exercise Programming  
  • and more!  



Now you’re levelled up with all the know how - it’s time to get you CLIENTS!

To build your Online Fitness Coaching Business, you must truly understand your people and nurture them through your journey together. Being professional in your practices, but relatable in your delivery is EVERYTHING.  

We'll walk you through all of our best practices so you can feel confident in transforming their LIVES! 

Always remember, price is what they pay, value is what they receive.  


  • Client On-Boarding Practices  
  • Individual Nutrition Programming  
  • Client Check In Practices  
  • Coach and Client Relationship Psychology  
  • and more!  


When you truly know your tribe - when you truly show up and deliver for them - there are literally no limits to where your career can go

Learn to position yourself as an expert to EXACTLY the right type of client to buy into your vision for success.

Build confidence in your ability to communicate so you can FLOURISH & CONQUER in your dream career.  


  • How to Find Your Future Clients  
  • How to Optimize & Navigate Social Media  
  • Pricing Your Services  
  • Legalities When Starting a Business 
  • and more.  

About Your Instructors

William Grazione (@william_grazione)

William Grazione is one of the top Nutrition and Fitness coaches in the industry. William is not only a successful Professional Natural Bodybuilder in the IPFA/NGA and Exercise Science expert [Bachelors Degree], but he's also coached over 1,000+ happy clients who have made transformations under his care. He can transform someone into a professional in bodybuilding, powerlifting, or even the person who simply wants to feel more at home in their body. William can do it all. His expertise is in client care and transformation, and is now showing other coaches the power of coaching mastery through the Fitness Online Coaching Academy.

Amanda Bucci (@amandabucci)

Amanda Bucci is the fitness industry's leading influencer and thought leader, watched on her social media platforms over 25 million times. Amanda has experience coaching hundreds of clients in fitness, teaching millions of people about fat loss, muscle building, and all things health and fitness in 201-2017. Now, Amanda is the founder of FOCA, and other educational programs [Flourish & Conquer Accelerator and Mastermind] with the goal of helping other coaches grow in their ability to build their businesses, deliver results to clients, and change the world.


What our students are saying....

 Your Questions Answered...

+ What makes this course different that I can't get anywhere else?

The Fitness Online Coaching Academy is hand-crafted for those searching for the knowledge and the how-to in becoming fitness coaches, online. It details each lesson with coaching tips that will help our students apply the foundational knowledge to their clients. These tips come from our experiences as coaches within the fitness industry, along with experiences of other coaches whom we’ve been able to collaborate with over the years. Our content creation leader – William Grazione – has 10 years of experience being an online fitness coach and is incredibly qualified in this realm. Amanda Bucci has learned under the wing of William has his client, a fitness coach herself, and now partner. Together, we are confident that the information provided inside of FOCA will give the aspiring coach everything they need to know to become start working with clients, and be confident in their coaching abilities.  

+ Can I buy now and start the class later? The timing isn’t right right now.

You can! We will only leave the course registration open for a short time period until our next launch, so if you are hoping to take this course sooner rather than later, I would hop on it immediately upon registration and complete it when you are ready! 

+ How can I connect to others who are taking this course?

We have a private Facebook group for official FOCA students that you will be able to join to connect with others who are achieving success in the course, have questions, or if you want to make friends with other like-minded people with the same aspirations as you do! Our students can also receive extra support from us (Amanda and William) in the Facebook group. We will make ourselves available – please allow for 24-48 hour response time from one of us (although, we almost always get to you sooner than that).  

+ Do you have a guarantee or refund policy?

Our FOCA students are committed to learning, becoming better coaches, and changing their clients lives for the better. When you really dig in, go through the course material, apply yourself, and use all of the tools at your disposal, we have full faith that you will be an absolutely AMAZING coach that knows HOW to help your client reach their fitness goals. However, if you go through the course material and haven’t found any success after 30 days, we will give you a full refund. We will ask you to show us that you’ve done the course work and have really made an effort. We are confident in our course material and know that those who are committed WILL be those coaches who everyone wants to refer their friends to.  

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BONUS: FREE GIFT! 4 Free Online Coaching Templates  

We want you to start postively impacting your clients lives as soon as possible - there is a whole industry out there that needs YOU! We're offering four FREE resources as our gift to you, so you can start making moves today! 

  • Client Check In Form 
  • New Client Questionnare 
  • Nutrition Guide 
  • 4 Workout Program Templates  
1 payment of $997 or
3 payments of $397